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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 28, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00 the taney dragons share the field with the phillies after the city turns out to honor the little league leaguers. tonight what the mayor had to say about those criticizing the celebration. and caught on video, seconds before tragedy strikes, a nine year old girl from new jersey fires an automatic weapon and
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the instructor next to her ends up dead. >> and a shooting inside a camden county hospital. a man kills his wife, then police make another startling discovery inside the couple's nearby home. good evening, i'm jessica den much chris may has the night off. >> the woman was killed inside kennedy university hospital in stratford, new jersey. the couple's adult son was then found dead inside the family home in glendora. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at cooper university hospital in camden tonight where the suspect is being treated. todd. >> reporter: jessica, right now investigators are reviewing ballistic evidence taken from the hospital as well as the suspect's house. ryan was found dead inside the glendora home he shared with his parents. the 35 year old had been shot. investigators check on the home after police say his dad 6384 old raymond walk into kennedy university hospital wednesday morning and shot his wife denise
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mr. raymond then shot himself. >> 62 year old denise was shot twice and pronounced dead. neighbors say she had been suffering with chronic was oftd to wheelchair. >> she was in an accident years ago, and it affected her back and her neck, and plus other medical issues were starting to happen, and i know the medical bills were piling up. >> reporter: off camera another neighbor told me that ryan always kept to himself and on at least one occasion ryan's father said the two of them got in a physical altercation. police say raymond walk into kennedy university hospital in stratford wednesday morning to visit his wife at ranine 25:00. >> we certainly don't do a thorough investigation of everyone who comes into the hospital. we don't scan them. that's in the our protocol. we have to provide act cities care. he was visiting his loved ones. >> the shooting occurred about 45 minutes later. >> always friendly. just regular guy. hard to believe. very hard believe.
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>> reporter: and tonight penn medicine released a statement saying... >> reporting live tonight in camden, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. this shooting comes just a in after a deadly shooting and side the mercy fitzgerald wellness center in darby. 49 year old are you char plots is scheduled for preliminary hearing on september 9th charged with the murder of his social worker the attempted murder of his psychiatrist and other related offenses in that incident. >> a nine year old new jersey girl accidentally shoots and kills her instructor at an arizona gun range. video shows the girl shooting a
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uzi sub machine gun minutes before the accident. the recoil pointed up and the 39 year old instructor was kill. he was an army veteran who had serve in iraq and afghanistan. prosecutors say no laws were broken so no charges are warranted here. those who know the victim can't make sense of what happened. >> really don't know what happened. i mean our guys are trained to basically hover over people had they're shooting. and if they're shooting right handed we have our right hand behind them ready to push the weapon out of the way. if they're left handed the same thing. >> in the wake of accident bullets and burgers the range there changed their policy. future shooters must be 5 feet tall or 12 years old. gun advocates say firearms can be safe when used properly. even in the hands of children. they say the key is training. tonight "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan talks to young girl from south jersey who believes she's testified before lawmakers.
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>> i lock it back and i look down the barrel. is it safe? i put the barrel back and holster it. >> reporter: at just nine year old shy yen roberts is already made a big nape in the world of firearm. last year she placed second in a statewide shooting competition and several months ago she testified before new jersey lawmakers opposing a gun control bill to reduce the size of magazine clips. not only does she shoot an advocate she also instructs. >> always know your target and beyond. always treat a gun like it's loaded. always keep your finger off the trigger and never point it at anyone. >> today shy yen and her father had tough conversation after another nine year old girl from new jersey made national headlines. she accidentally shot firearms instructor while trying to operate an uzi sub machine gun at a range in airs rs. >> it's a tragedy it really is but it's not in any way in my opinion an indictment on firearms in general. on children with firearms. >> dan roberts says he's been
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teaching firearm skills for more than decade. noticed several problems in the arizona video. >> had he been in the proper position to be safe himself but still be in control of her, we probably wouldn't be having this covering. >> reporter: shy yen has never shot a machine gun but roberts says in the right setting he'd let his daughter try it. she says the video make her sad but it doesn't scare her or change her goals. >> i would like to get a national title and be an example kids. >> shea yen turns turn on thursday. i asked her what does she want for her birthday t get her new jersey hunning license much cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> this is a hot topic and we'd love to have what you have to say about it. you can tell us on our facebook page. send us a sweet at cribs physically. we'd like to hear from you. >> another day of celebration for the taney dragons in philadelphia. this afternoon the little leaguers had took the nation by storm were honored with parade.
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the festivities kick off at 2:00 o'clock at 20th and market headed south to to fdr park with two stops along the way. one at the kill hem center with a performance by the philly pops and the corner of broad and washington where they were honored by the mummers. there was controversy surrounding the parade. some say the city couldn't afford given the struggling school diss track. mayor michael nutter blaster the critics. >> i don't want to hear anybody saying anything about what happened today other than a positive comment about these young people and what they did and our city is standing behind them. >> the dragons finished up their night at citizens bank park where they were honored by the phillies. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers was there. >> reporter: it's the phillies park but it was the dragons day. phillies favorite little leaguers got a standing o an heroes welcome at citizens bank park flanked by phillies on both sides as they went to centerfield. >> what was scary coming through
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centerfield at citizens bank park or taking the field in william port? >> that's a tough question but i think taking the field in william port. >> baseball diamonds and big moments are no strangers to this team. they looked at ease up there just like they did in williamsport when the time came for the first pitch nary a one was outside this came after day of love from a city known for it. >> really terrific getting to see what the kids summer had done for my home of philadelphia. really didn't have an idea what were you going on in philadelphia being in william port and coming here and seeing all the love from people i don't know. >> with all the attention this team has received all the hype and the tv and the magazine covers, sometimes you can forget they're just kids. then of course they do something like this and say something like this. >> i'm having so much fun. i don't even want to think about school yet. >> reporter: and so the team we've grown to love got to take one last victory lap. the boys and girls of summer in
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philadelphia. >> one parent told me the gauntlet has now been thrown down. when will the next team from philadelphia go as far as this one did? only time will tell of course. for now we'll celebrate the accomplishments of this team. what a run for the taney drago dragons. we're in south philadelphia tonight, matt rivers cbs-3 oy witness news. >> it was a thing to see. for much more on the taney dragons and today's events including an interview with mo'ne davis, you canned when over to our website. it is >> warning from police as the up coming labor day weekend approaches and they plan to crack down on drunk drivers. hundreds of police departments across pennsylvania are participating in the drive sober or get pulled over campaign mocks of roving patrols and dui checkpoints. there were 11,000 alcohol related crashes in pennsylvania last year and 3200 drug related crashes. nine deaths occurred just over the labor day weekend. heart wrenching testimony today from little girl abductioned from her school and them sexually assaulted.
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video shows five year old being taken from bryant elementary skull in january 2013. police say the woman who took her was christina regusters. she's pleaded not guilty. when questioned today the little girl said she first thought the woman was her mom and recalled being blindfolded and/ored under a bed. she was discovered in playground after 19 hours. >> she is courageous. bubbling, energetic as in many child could be but for the fact that we all know how she was brutalized and how she was horribly violated. >> the little girl did not directly identify her alleged attacker. interviews recorded shortly after she was found are being entered into evidence. and she will soon be starting the second grade at another school. >> three men are abducted, shoved in van and then tortured and tossed into the schuylkill river. one of them survived and police are hoping he can help them fine the suspects. the 23 year old manmade his way
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to kelly drive to get help after 4:00 this morning. by the time officials arrived his friends were dead. police say the trio were targeted. they believe the attack was related to drugs. investigators also believe five to sick people were involved. >> their hands and feet were bound. their eyes were covered. they were stabbed muddle p.m. time. two of the three i believe their throats were slit and thrown into the schuylkill river. one. more barbaric murders i've seen. >> police collected evidence from the home of the surviving victim on the 700 block of north second street. that victim remains hospitalized in critical condition tonight. a popular reality show turns deadly. a crew member is killed as the cameras roll that's coming up next. >> also, crowds line up on the beach they're used to seeing big waves that's foreshore but nothing quite like this. kathy. >> on the east coast we have our own shore concerns with this. it is hurricane cristobal. and of course, it will be hundreds of milsey with from the
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mainland but will pose a threat over the neck couple of days with rip currents. we'll talk about that and the holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> plus, shocking video of a bus driver just moments before a crash. you won't believe what police say he was doing in this video.
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>> a crew member for the long run crime show cops was shot and killed while filming a scene in omaha nebraska. when the suspect raised his weapon during fast food robbery police fired. that audio technician was accidentally shot by an officer. the suspect also died. it was later it was later learned it was a pellet gun much police had reason to fire. the three officers have been placed on leave pending an investigation. >> the american journalist who spent almost two years as a hostage in syria is speaking out now. peter theo curtis made his first public comments today since he was row leased by al kid today militants over the weekend. the 45 year old said even
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strangers in the airport were telling him just how glad they were to finally have him home. >> in the days following my row lease on sunday, i have learned bit by bit there have been literally hundreds of people brave, determined and big hearted people all over the world working for my row lease. >> officials say it was qatar' government that helped broker his release. it was freed just days after the militant group isis post add video on the web showing the excution of another american journalist james foley. >> u.s. health official are warning ebola outbreak is getting worse as another top doctor has now died of the deadly virus. that doctor was treating patience in sierra leone when he was infected. meanwhile a staff member at the centers for disease control here in the us is being tested for ebola. the agency says the employee was in close proximity to patient but had quote low risk contact. disturbing video now from australia. investigators say it shows a bus
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driver taking drugs while behind the wheel. it passes out and seconds later that bus crash noose two homes. 57 year old sean murphy pleaded guilty in a sidney courtroom to dangerous driving and dui char charges. amazingly nobody was hurt. >> a coastally town in uruguay gets buried in sea foam. take a look at that. this happens when storm whips up ocean waves, strong winds push large amounts of foam on to la land. the supplying sea foam make the difficult for people and drivers to get around. this phenomenon occurs when sea water is full of organic matter salt and dead algae churned up by waves. >> and tropical storm hundreds of miles off the california coast created dangerous enormous waves. correspondent bigad shaban reports people are lining up to see what mother nature is delivering. >> reporter: powerful waves up to 15 feet high slam the california coast. the largest surf in years from a summer storm is on full display.
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>> this is part of the floor that's been buckled up. >> reporter: heck that are brown was visiting his i wasn't' home along the beach when he her the waves crash on to the shore. the boardwalk and streets were flooded. brown says about a foot of water swept through his familily's home it. >> moves quickly not slowly. quickly because you could hear from the sound of waves something was going to happen. >> reporter: was any part of the house left dry? >> nothing. not from the garage nothing. >> reporter: aft the initial flooding crews built 6-foot high sand berms here in steel beach that stretch for about a half mile. 6,000 san bags are also being used to act as another barrier. hundreds pack popular spots like newport beach to watch surfers brave monster break. lifeguards on high alert rescued a number of surfers and swimme swimmers. >> i have neff seen waves this big in steel beach. i swim in the ocean regularly. i swim around who are regularly much neff this big. i wouldn't go out there. >> reporter: violent swells snapped pylons holding up the malibu pier temporarily closed
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to the public meteorologists say storm driven waves and rip currents could last through friday. in steel beach, california, with grad is a pan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> isn't that amaze? it is amazing. those images. those are just guy january tick waves. >> absolutely. we don't have no those kind of issues so off hurricane for the west coast and the east coast we have hurricane cristobal and talking about heavy wave action. the storm storm had been hundreds of miles away. outside we have dry conditions a few spotty showers out there. especially in this and west of the stow bought dry in center city. it looks very pretty tonight life can i exam three. down the shore getting ready for those waning days of summer. the holiday weekend upon us and still steamy and sticky actually hotter than the beginning of the summer. on storm scan3 you can see a weak line of some spotty showers. they extend all the way up from new england. down to our northern and western
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suburbs and down through northern virginia. take zoom in you can see they are widely scattered but you could see a few sprinkle in the lehigh valley northern parts of bucks county and through hahn know brook we're seeing a few showers in chester county and they should be dissipating as this front moves through. right now in philadelphia, it is 79. we have a shower cooled temperature in the poconos at 69. 78 in reading. 72 in atlantic city much that's at the airport. same temperatures though as you get along the barrier islands there and stone harbor 73. cape may 72. the owing water temperature warmer at 76 degrees. we will watch as these dew points which are now steamy go to more comfortable levels. dew point is a true amount of moisture in the atmosphere not related to the temperature like that relative humidity. these numbers do not change. and when you have dew point temperature in the 60s it is quite humid by tomorrow we'll be in the 50s and as we look at that comfort index, the 50s mean pleasant. so some relief from that humidity. it will be noticeably less humid thursday temperature in the 80s.
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the same goes for friday and we'll watch a front from the northwest move in. it squeezes all that warmth and humidity up the coast again for saturday. and that front could pose an issue late empty day sunday with a few scattered showers and thunderstorm. we'll keep updated oh and that much here's a latest on our hurricane cristobal. 470 miles to the south southeast of cape may and even though it's hundred of miles away, we're talking about that wave action creating a hoy risk of rip currents and that will be through tomorrow and even into the day on friday. our wave heights nothing like california. only about three if to 5 feet. over it in tonight look for spotted shower or sprinkle especially north and west of the city. otherwise mainly clear, the humidity falls behind that front. the low temperature 68. very comfortable for thursday. less humid a little bit of a breeze the high 84. on the exclusive i were the weather seven day forecast and shore cast friday 82. saturday the heat builds. 86. sunday steamy, a few storms la late. none. 90 for monday. that's probably one the warmest
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labor days that i can remember. with still a chance of shower or storm and thursday -- excuse mow tuesday and wednesday we're talking about temperatures staying quite warm in the upper 80s. that's hot as school begins for many of children. >> you were saying they're probably going back in had the conditions than they leftly. go figure. kathy, thanks. >> leslie is here with look at the sports world. >> michael vick coming back tomorrow with the jets and sharing some interesting words about how he may have saved riley cooper's career. >> and the taney dragons receive a very warm welcome at the ballpark as the phillies try
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>> the taney dragons parade ended at citizens bank park where they were honored before wednesday night's phillies game. >> take it in, look around all this is for you guys. you guys did something special. soak it in. (applause).
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>> ryan had you ward with words of praise for the youngsters. they walked on to the field together with the phillies and the ceremony included the entire team throwing out that first pitch. they received custom jerseys, met the big leaguers and properly honored by the crowd in attendance. the phillies meanwhile trying to sweep the nationals. kyle kendrick on the mound given up runs early. no exception here today. top of the first anthony ran dome smashed a double to deep left field. did he nard would score. the phils answered back bottom half the inning. ryan howard dropped this one into last centerfield. chase utley will come around from first to score on that and that will make it a two-two ballgame. jump ahead to the sixth. grady sizemore with the pinch hit homerun two run shot. that will put the physical lease up five to three. they go on to win this one, eight to four and sweep the first place nats. >> nick foles on the cover of sports illustrated along with cowboys quarterback tony romo this is one of four issues that
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will feature arrival quarterback on the cover of the magazine. another cover features matt stafford and jay cutler from the nfc that's right and kaepernick and wilson on another version the second cover foles has app pedestrian on. >> birds are rapping up preseason action tomorrow night against michael vick and the jets. having played five seasons in philadelphia after serving his jail sentence and enjoyed a creary burning. the eagles matt bark lull scott and kinly will get snaps as well. vick did recent interview with espn and said his greatest achievement in the nfl was saving riley cooper's career. you'll recall last year vick stood up for cooper after that video surfaced of the wide out using a racial slur. he said in part "i changed the whole dynamic of the that situation, and that was a proud moment for me -- i was able to save a young man's career, and that young man went on to have the greatest year of his career and get a contract that he probably never imagined he would get". >> some broadcast changes for
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the flyers. chris will move from the radio booth to the tv side. steve coats will move on to radio. the rest of the broadcast team will romaine the same. we'll be right back w
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>> labor day weekend means made in america the music festival on the ben franklin parkway. the two day festival will kick off 2:00 saturday afternoon. nearly performers will take the stage this year. to com date the venue contraction gradual road close showers have bun along the parkway. septa has announced detours around the concert area and extra service to accommodate festival goers. you can get lot more information on made in america at we'll be right back.
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>> thank you for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for lesley, kathy and everyone her i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbs the late show with david letterman is next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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